Launch of the Eco Coffin Project at the Gawler Sustainable Living Festival 2019 where the public decorated a biodegradable homemade coffin

Photos: Making & Decorating

Decorating eco coffins and making shrouds happens from April to July during the Eco Coffin Project. The participants become artists as their creativity vibrantly emerges inspired by their life stories, values, beliefs and imagination.

Shrouds are made from a plethora of techniques including hand-dying using gum leaves, red wine, black beans, coffee, turmeric; nuno-felting bonding merino wool and ahimsa silk together; upcycling family heirloom linen/cotton sheets and tablecloths with vintage lace; quilting stashes of remnant silk collected over the years full of life stories; crocheting shared moments using yarn made from old t-shirts donated from special people.

Eco coffins are adorned with images, symbols and biodegradable things from the artists’ lives using multi-media including plant-based paints and glues; stencils, decoupaged cut-outs; plant materials, paper mementos to name a few.

Every coffin and shroud is completely different, just as each of our lives are completely different.

Eco Coffin Project daisy flower

Next Eco Coffin Project is 2025

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