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The Eco Coffin Project was launched in 2019 at the Gawler Sustainable Living Festival. So far it has been an exciting adventure which continues to unfold with wonderful life-affirming experiences. The best part is getting to know the beautiful curious humans who attend the programs, workshops and events we run. The Eco Coffin Project has now evolved into a growing dynamic community where we learn from each other as we share our experiences and wisdom about death and dying. We look forward to welcoming you.


“I know first hand the value in being creatively hands-on as a collective group decorating the coffin of someone you love. The community love shone through and was my safety net as family and friends came together to decorate my son’s coffin at home after he was killed in a car crash when he was just 22.”

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“Sadly, we have become not only disconnected from nature but also disconnected from death. Many of us are afraid of death, feel it is a taboo topic, or are just not comfortable talking about it. We bury death at the edge of our living places (cemeteries) and push it to the corners of our minds to avoid deeply thinking about our mortality. When death comes into our life, we quickly outsource it.”

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“It was encouraging to have lots of interested people ask questions and to see a queue form to register for the inaugural project. We were soon SOLD OUT and created a waiting list.”

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Eco Coffin Project daisy flower

Thanks to our Host & Sponsors

The Eco Coffin Project is made possible by the ongoing generosity of our Host, The Gawler Environment Centre and our community-minded Sponsors. We thank you all.

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In the Media

The Eco Coffin Project is sparking interest in the media on TV, Radio, Print and Online. Check out some of the stories below.

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Meet our community

Dr Abby Buckley - Creator and Facilitator of the Eco Coffin Project

Dr Abby Buckley

Creator & Facilitator, Eco Coffin Project

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💚 Our Artists 💚

Creators of eco coffins & shrouds

Kathy Whitta - Coordinator Gawler Environment Centre

Kathy Whitta

Coordinator, Gawler Enviro Centre

Helen Roberts - Death Doula

Helen Roberts

Death Doula, Graceful Dying

Tracey Hall - Shroud maker

Tracey Hall

Shroud Maker

Adelaide Plains Council logo

David Cowell, Adelaide Plains Council

How to be buried on private land

The Last Gift lgo

The Last Gift

Cooling plate demonstration

Shane Buckley

Shane Buckley

Eco Coffin Assembler

Taylor & Forgie Funeral Directors logo

Taylor & Forgie Funeral Directors

Shroud-wrapping demonstration

Eco Coffin Project Alumni. Our past participants

💜 Alumni 💜

Past participants

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Latest News

Socialise and keep up to date with our latest happenings.

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My kids think it a huge joke that I am preparing my own coffin and just ask that I keep a screwdriver taped to the flat pack box to make assembly quicker and easier for them. Joking aside, it has opened up conversations with them and I have been able to tell them my wishes for after my death and it is now not being treated as ‘we can’t talk about that’.

2020 Eco Coffin Project participant

Eco Coffin Project daisy flower

Next Eco Coffin Project is 2025

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