Note the 3 decorated eco-coffins and 3 shrouds on display on the back fence at the Gawler Environment Centre
Eco Coffin Project daisy flower

What is a sustainable death?

Launch of the Eco Coffin Project at the Gawler Sustainable Living Festival 2019 where the public decorated a biodegradable homemade coffin

Core Program

The Eco Coffin Project is a community program that:

  • Sparks conversations and curiosity about death
  • Increases our death literacy
  • Raises awareness of natural burial.
Pushing Up Daisies workshop 2023

Pushing Up Daisies Workshops 2024

The Pushing Up Daisies workshop is a practical one-day workshop that explores how our Australian death system works to empower you to create a meaningful, values-based, end-of-life plan. Bookings now open for 2024 workshops.

Shroud. Artist: Tracey Hall. Title: Ochre Shroud ('Bob'). Dimensions: 2000 x 2800 mm

Exhibitions & Artists

Our public exhibitions display the decorated eco-coffins and shrouds made by the Eco Coffin Project participants. These powerful personal works of art and love spark questions about sustainable death and raise community awareness of natural burial.

Pilyu Yarta Natural Burial Ground Eco Coffin Project 2021


A HUGE growing collection of my favourite books, videos, community projects, TEDtalks, podcasts, research, organisations, funny things, poems and FREE downloads; gathered over many years.

Launch of the Eco Coffin Project at the 2019 Gawler Sustainable Living Festival


Learn about how and why we got started, who supports us, what’s being said about us and meet our beautiful growing community.

The Eco Coffin Project is such a fantastic program. The knowledge of the speakers, the depth of wisdom and caring nature of our facilitator Abby really made it easy to talk about a subject that the majority shun away from. I would jump at the chance to do it again.

2020 Eco Coffin Project participant

Eco Coffin Project daisy flower

Next Eco Coffin Project is 2025

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