Eco Coffin Project Artist: Lynne Smith (2023)

Lynne Smith

Shroud. Artist: Lynne Smith. Title: Tapestry Of My Life. Dimensions: 2800 x 400 mm

Artist: Lynne Smith

Type: Shroud

Title: Tapestry Of My Life

Dimensions: 2800 x 1400 mm

Materials: seeded calico, eco-glue, eco-paint

Why did you choose to work on a shroud rather than a coffin?

I choose to work on a shroud because the shroud may be retained by my family if they so choose whereas the body and the coffin will not, I have also purchased a coffin for my burial. My family and I have worked on my shroud for several months.

What materials have you used for your artwork?

I have used seeded calico, fabric glue, and non-toxic acrylic paint.

What is the story behind your artwork. What does it represent about you and your life story?

My shroud is a representation of my life, with pictures and writing to depict some of the key moments. I hope to continue adding pictures and I intend to write on the shroud and add some of the stories behind the pictures.The dragon plate has been in my family since 1914 and was passed down to me from my Grandmother. The plate with a rural snow scene was something I have from my Mothers dinner set. Later I will add the story about this dinner set and the first time my mother showed it to me.

What are some things you have learned from being part of the eco coffin project?

I enjoy learning about the natural burial grounds at Enfield and Smithfield Memorial Parks, where they are replanting Native species of plants with the hopes to attract our Native Blue Banded Bee. I loved hearing about how a family can be involved and be in control of what happens.

What is one thing you will do (or have done already) differently as a result from being part of the project?

Since being a part of the Eco Coffin Project I have had many conversations with people in my community; these people are often fearful of uncomfortable talking about death and dying. In my position as a volunteer at a Hospice and in a nursing home those that know the end of life is sooner tend to want to talk with me about their hopes for their end of life.

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to add?

The connection with my family has been enhanced by the rich discussions that in the first half of the workshops I felt unsure about having.


This workshop covers all ages, consider it even if you’re young, because death doesn’t discriminate, it is something we all have in common. Talking about your thoughts and feelings with your family means you can move on and live.

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