Eco Coffin Project Artist: Louise Goode (2021)

Louise Goode

Eco coffin. Artist: Louise Goode. Title: Once Chance At Life. Dimensions: 2000 x 600 x 400 mm

Artist: Louise Goode

Type: Eco Coffin

Title: One Chance At Life

Dimensions: 2000x600x400mm

Materials: eco-ply, eco-glue, eco-paints, eco-markers, plant materials, paper drawings

Why did you choose to work on a coffin rather than a shroud?

I have no idea why I chose to have a coffin, but subconsciously I remember that Jewish people have the plainest pine coffin with rope handles.

It gave me opportunity dive deep down into my memories, to discover my heritage, acknowledge my beliefs, values, goals, achievements identifying the driving forces, that has lead me to lead the life I have.

The coffin provided me with a canvas for these discoveries to ‘artistically’ interpret so that my family and friends can see a snapshot into my life.

What materials have you used for your artwork?

So far, I have used water base pallet of paints 🎨 and pens, but I will consider using a collage of plant materials, natural material, and paper drawings.

What is the story behind your artwork. What does it represent about you and your life story?

My heritage comes from the female line dating back to 1657 from Edinburgh, Scotland, and a Jewish heritage from my maternal Grandmother. My generation was unaware of our real heritage but, oh boy, were we in for a shock.

My life was not defined by my heritage. I inherited my genes from my beloved Grandma, widowed leaving her with 1 child, pregnant and who buried her son and husband together, led the suffragettes through the streets of Edinburgh, then bringing 8 children through WW1 to meet up with her husband and owning property where Uni SA is located.

Heritage does not define me, but shows how through each generation, one can improve.

What are 3 things you have learned from being part of the eco coffin project?

  • The need to conquer the fear of death with wisdom, courage, honesty, laughter and to share this knowledge with family and friends.
  • To make sure there is always fun, loud music, laughter, joy, and rejoice in the life I have created.
  • Reflecting on the way I chose to live my life; the importance of setting goals, having a good mentor, role model and never regret on how I lived life.

What is one thing you will do (or have done already) differently as a result from being part of the project?

I’m not afraid to start a conversation about what I have learned from the Pushing Up Daisies course by telling people that I have started to decorate my own coffin. ⚰️ People initially look shocked, 😨 balanced with horrified, or just burst out 😂

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to add?

On reflection, my philosophy of life reflects the goals I have achieved.


Congratulations Abby for creating, through your grief, an exceptional course on a subject that is a taboo subject, DEATH.

Each session forced us to acknowledge that this is a 100% guaranteed part of life that no one can escape, regardless of whether we acknowledge it or not.

Each participant was given the chance during each session, to share experiences, good or bad, laugh, to explore and express our feelings. We all appreciated the support given from other participants.

Having my end of life organised, the family being aware of my wishes, funeral arrangements, (except the music) legal documentation completed and in a safe place known to my children, gives me a sigh of relief.

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