Eco Coffin Project Artist: June Faulkner (2021)

June Faulkner

Shroud. Artist: June Faulkner. Title: My Colourful Cocoon

Artist: June Faulkner

Type: Shroud

Title: My Colourful Cocoon

Materials: remnant cotton fabric, buttons made from slices of old wooden rake handle

After googling shroud patterns, I chose this pattern because I felt it would be quite dignified to get a body into.

I have sewn my shroud out of a bright & vibrant cotton material that I have had for some time.

The buttons were made by my husband out of a wooden crab rake handle sliced into circles & holes drilled.

My shroud is my first step, and in time I hope to have an outer shell/coffin.

At this stage & as a fibre weaver my outer shell/coffin is a work in progress.

My Will is current and I have told my executor & family what my wishes are even though I feel I have plenty of time.


So live, love & prepare for the inevitable while being kind to all around us.

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