Category: History

  • Launch


    Launch It was encouraging to have lots of interested people ask questions and to see a queue form to register for the inaugural project. We were soon SOLD OUT and created a waiting list. The Eco Coffin Project was successfully launched at the Gawler Sustainable Living Festival on Sunday 27 October, 2019. A good crowd…

  • Issues


    Issues Sadly, we have become not only disconnected from nature but also disconnected from death. Many of us are afraid of death, feel it is a taboo topic, or are just not comfortable talking about it. We bury death at the edge of our living places (cemeteries) and push it to the corners of our…

  • Idea


    The idea I know first hand the value in being creatively hands-on as a collective group decorating the coffin of someone you love. The community love shone through and was my safety net as family and friends came together to decorate my son’s coffin at home after he was killed in a car crash when…