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  • Are you starving for Death Over Dinner?

    Are you starving for Death Over Dinner?

    FEBRUARY 10, 2017 Ever tried casually chatting about death at a dinner party? If so, you’ll know death can be a conversation-killer because people think you’re morbid. Death is still a taboo subject around many dinner tables. Yet research from the Australian Centre for Health Research (ACHR), shows about 70% of us want to die…

  • End-of-life edition

    End-of-life edition

    APRIL 28, 2017 A second Death Over Dinner event was hosted just 11 weeks later after the sell-out success of the first event. We had another full house despite a few drops of rain and a chilly evening of just 13 degrees. A cosy marquee with heaters warmed our guests unlike the sweltering heat endured…

  • Life over lunch

    Life over lunch

    JULY 21, 2017 Close to 160,000 Australians died last year and how wonderful that you were not one of them. Would you have been ready if your number was up? Despite huge advances in medical technology, statistics confirm that 100% of us will die. We plan well in advance for important life events like holidays,…